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Volunteer of the Month

Staff Volunteer of the month January 2020

Raymond Perry I and his wife Karen have served his community and church for over 30 yrs.  Ray began cooking in 1989 at our food ministry at 5049 Charles Street. Ray responsibilities shifted from running our soup kitchen to administrating the food programs and supervising building maintenance at 3 church locations.

As the church’s unpaid full time administrator, Ray gets the job done. At 75 yrs old, Ray arrives to the church daily at 8am to coordinate  the donated food pick up. The drivers, route, vehicles, and incoming food storage keep him busy until his day ends.  All community service volunteers check in with Ray.

Ray is an expert in negotiating his way around City Hall, as he advocate for Frankford citizens. He has developed great relationships with city officials. Many know him by first name. 

Ray feels that his most satisfying accomplishment has been of his role in the construction of our Margaret Street facility. Through severe sickness, bad weather, threats on the street, Ray never waivered in his supportive presence. For 4 years, with difficult construction issues  and financial setbacks, Ray remained faithful to assisting his pastor every single day. He helped select contractors, supervised their work, made phone calls, and raised money. In addition, he  mastered the task of  getting permits from  “City Hall.” Together with Pastor Smith, the vision of Hope 4 Philly Network was born in 2010. 

Ray came to Faith Assembly of God in 1988 wearing a halo and using a handicap walker. He was healed of his orthopedic  issues but later developed  cancer of his scalp which caused severe headache pain.  After each  surgery and emergency hospitalization, Ray vowed to return to his post. In June 2018 while still partially blind and with impaired hearing Ray’s doctors found him to be cancer free.

On Jan 15,  Ray will celebrate his 76th birthday. As a church we thank you, Ray, for your faithfulness. Most importantly, the Lord is saying “Thank You.”

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